Florida Atlantic University announced Lane Kiffin as the fifth head coach in school history during a press conference Tuesday.

While he assumes the head coaching position with the Owls, Kiffin will finish out the season as Alabama’s offensive coordinator.

BamaOnline.com senior analyst Travis Reier analyzed Kiffin’s return to the head coaching rankings during his first segment monologue on Southern Fried Sports.

Reier summarized the influences of Nick Saban, Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and veteran NFL defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin and how it’s guided Lane Kiffin in his coaching career.

In terms of his coaching future, the Southern Fried Sports host presented Kiffin’s primary strength and weakness as a coach.

“In terms of just football, no question about Lane’s ability as an offensive coordinator. As an administrator of a program, that’s obviously very much still up in the air.” Reier stated.

Reier later elaborated on how Kiffin’s issues as a head coach possibly cost him opportunities at Houston and South Florida.

While analyzing Kiffin’s coaching career, BamaOnline.com’s senior analyst compared Kiffin’s coaching journey to a company on the stock market.

“They like to use the word correction. The market corrects itself. If there’s too much of a gain or too much of a dip, it will eventually correct itself. That’s essentially what happened with Lane Kiffin.” Reier said.

Reier noted Lane Kiffin’s sudden rise in the coaching profession, his fall at USC, his reemergence as Alabama’s offensive coordinator and FAU’s hiring of Kiffin.

Factoring in Kiffin’s second chance at being an FBS head coach along with his X’s and O’s intellect, Reier posed a simple question to the Southern Fried Sports audience.

“Where do you see Lane Kiffin three years from now?” Reier asked.

The host of Southern Fried Sports finished his opening monologue by highlighting possible outcomes for Kiffin based on his performance at FAU.

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