Alabama football's annual A-Day game is in sight as the team is gearing up for their final week of spring practice.

Besides the emphasis placed on leadership and developing depth, Nick Saban is putting to work a new crop of assistant coaches including at offensive coordinator.

Steve Sarkisian returns to Tuscaloosa after two seasons with the Atlanta Falcons as their offensive coordinator.

"With Coach Sark (Steve Sarkisian), it's really full-field progression reads. Last year we worked more on RPO (run-pass option) and we had that opportunity to perfect it, and now we're trying to perfect full-progression reads so reading the entire field this year. I think implementing pure progression reads and RPOs definitely going to be really big for us this season." Tagovailoa said.

Prior to Saturday's scrimmage, former Alabama fullback Martin Houston tackled the adjustments that Tua Tagovailoa will experience under Sarkisian.

The former fullback analyzed the junior quarterback's talent for going through progressions and how last year's offensive scheme may not have fully utilized Tua's talent in this area.

Houston later used Gary Hollingsworth's ability to read defenses in former offensive coordinator Homer Smith's offense as an example from Alabama's past of a quarterback going through his progressions properly.

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