Tuscaloosa County High School's perfect start to the season has been marred after they were made to forfeit their Week 2 victory over the Bessemer City Purple Tigers.

As Tide 100.9 previously reported, TCHS beat Bessemer on September 2nd in a shootout that ended with the Cats up 55-33.

County High beat Chelsea in Week 3 to improve to 3-0, but when regional standings were released Thursday afternoon, their record showed 2 wins, 1 forfeited victory to Bessemer City.

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Tide 100.9 is working to get a statement from the school or county school system officials, but AL.com reports the win was forfeited over inappropriate benefits being given to TCHS players.

According to their report, several Cats were given gift cards to a local restaurant in recognition of strong performances in Week 1, when the team overtook their in-city rivals, Central High School.

Unlike college athletes, high school players are not allowed to receive any money in any form for their performance - apparently, the gift cards violated the AHSAA rules and warranted to after-the-fact forfeit of their Week 2 win.

For more from the system and TCHS as it becomes available, stay connected to Tide 100.9 and the Tuscaloosa Thread.

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