It takes a whole lot to get me worked up!

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I don't usually fall for this crap from "trolls" online.

This time, I guess I did. This fool has tons and tons of followers on social media.

His stuff has been featured on ESPN and the SEC Network, just to name a few.

I gotta respond this time.

So, college football towns were rated on metrics, supposedly, like number of great restaurants as well as apartments for rent. Those are just a couple of the metrics that I am not believing for a second.

Just look at this breakdown of the "Best college football towns for 2022".

*From Big Game Boomer/Twitter

Let's examine some of the "best" towns for college football.

Athens, Georgia is a city I am so sick of hearing about. What does Athens have that is so much better than Tuscaloosa?

My goodness, you beat us ONE time for a championship and suddenly you are the GOAT?!?!

Oxford is a decent town, so I can live with Ole Miss being rated high.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina and UNC is an interesting choice.


West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Penn State and Florida State all rated much higher is one I can't really argue. I haven't been to every college city in the USA.

But, I have been to Auburn, AND IT IS LAUGHABLE to put them on Tier 3, with Tuscaloosa on Tier 5. Which is one of the lowest tiers.

Name one thing that Auburn has that is better than Tuscaloosa.

Just one thing. Better restaurants? No.

Better bar scene? Uhhh, does Auburn have a bar scene?

Please. I don't know why "Big Game Doofus" err, uh Boomer is so bitter.

At least we're not Mississippi State.

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