This Friday, 7th-ranked Alabama will take on 10th-ranked Arkansas in the 10th annual Power of Pink gymnastics meet. This event occurs each year to help those who are battling breast cancer.

University of Alabama gymnastics coach Sarah Patterson joined the Houston and Huber show this morning to cover a variety of topics including this Saturday's Power of Pink meet against Arkansas.

"In a short story, about 12 years ago, I started having difficulties passing my annual mammogram and there was nothing wrong with me," Patterson told Tide 99.1. "I was perfectly healthy, but I had the best care. I went from doctor to doctor and I was fine, but during that process I saw many women who didn't have healthcare or had young children. I thought, 'How could I use my position, here at the University of Alabama and our fan base of over 10,000, to make a difference.' So we started the Power of Pink."

Now the event has inspired students at the university and citizens of Tuscaloosa to take part in a event that raises awareness for breast cancer. Patterson knows exactly why the event has come so far and explains what will occur during the event.

"You look and see how far it's come. The reason is everybody know someone, a family member or friend, that has been touched by breast cancer. So on Friday night we are going to have 17 survivors that will be introduced with our ladies. The ladies' introductions now go from not just Diandra Miller, but she is going to be introduced with 23 year old Jessica Bailey from California who is a 16 month survivor. That means that young lady in her senior year of college on fall break was diagnosed with breast cancer and she survived. The university helped her get her degree and graduate. So she will be our last person up because a 23 year old female will affect the students at the university more than any other person because they know now that this can happen to anybody."

The Power of Pink meet against #10 Arkansas will take place this Friday at 7:30 pm in Coleman Coliseum.

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