Alabama received a nice surprise last spring when running back Damien Harris passed on the NFL to return to college for one final season.

The team's leading rusher the past two years will take on a larger role this season and he's embracing that opportunity.

"It's understood that you have to lead by example," Harris said. "One thing that I knew coming back, I was always going to be a guy that was looked at by the younger guys and I would be a guy that coaches expected to set the example and set the standard for what it takes to be a part of our program. It's a big responsibility."

Harris will likely leave the program as one of its top rushers of all-time and write his name in a record book that already includes some superstars.

"There are just so many things about being a part of The University of Alabama and living in Tuscaloosa that bring us so much joy as athletes," Harris said at SEC Media Days. "Coming back for my senior year wasn’t hard. “

Listen to everything Harris had to say in the video above.

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