If the Alabama Crimson Tide does not make the College Football Playoffs, the loss to the Auburn Tigers will be a tough game to forget if you are a Crimson Tide fan.

The players and fans are looking for redemption and if the dominoes fall in the Crimson Tide's favor, they could get it on the biggest stage in college football.

If Wisconsin loses to Ohio State in the BIG 10 Championship and the committee decides to move Alabama up over the Buckeyes, who will Alabama play in the first round of the CFB Playoffs?

If Clemson wins the ACC Championship and Auburn wins the SEC, both teams will be in the final four. The Crimson Tide has the opportunity to kill two Tigers with one stone and redeem their last two losses in this year's CFB Playoffs.

CollegeFootballNews.com analyst Russ Mitchell joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss the possibility of Alabama/Auburn part two in the playoffs and also breaks down the SEC Championship.

Mitchell believes on a neutral site the Crimson Tide would defeat the Auburn Tigers on the route to number 17.

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