Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze appeared at SEC Media Days a day after news broke that former Rebels head coach Houston Nutt had filed a civil lawsuit against the school. 

The suit puts a lot of blame on Freeze and his handling of the ongoing NCAA case and Thursday's press conference quickly became the most anticipated of the week in Hoover. Freeze did his best to limit the questions by dragging his opening statement out more than 16 minutes.

When he finally wrapped it up, the first question asked dealt with the lawsuit.

"I would absolutely love to share my opinion on it," Freeze said. "Unfortunately it's a legal case, and I can't comment."

What he could discuss was his role as the head of the program and what it takes to manage everything.

"I think, again, that you, as the CEO, the head coach, we've got to continue daily looking at ways that we can monitor our compliance system," Freeze said. "I need help with that, and you got to have a great relationship with our compliance department. And obviously educating your boosters is huge. And we've constantly, throughout this four to five years, just constantly adding things to that to make sure that you've been very responsible as the CEO to make sure you're doing everything within your power.

"Is it possible to always do everything? I don't know. But it's a difficult task. It's a tall task because there's so much stuff to manage and so many people that you're not around or may not even know, but we've been challenged with the task as the head coach that we have got to set the tone and then monitor it properly."

You can see everything Freeze said at SEC Media Days in the video at the top of the page.

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