Following the 41-23 win over Colorado State on Saturday, a lot has been made of the Alabama defense's performance by both players and fans. Linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton called the effort "pathetic" and said there would be a "come to Jesus meeting" after allowing nearly 400 yards of offense to the Rams.

On Monday, fellow linebacker Keith Holcombe provided his own evaluation of the team's performance.

"Defense knows we didn't play up to our standard last game. We're going to get it fixed, and we need to get it fixed because we've got conference play coming up. So we're getting ready for Vandy now."

He explained further, saying, "We understand that we have a job to do, and we just felt like after that game, walking off the field, that we didn't uphold our job. So it seems like we failed our fans, we failed our teammates."

Although it's very early in the season, Alabama ranks just 7th in the SEC in total defense, allowing 304.7 yards per game. There will be plenty of opportunity to bring that number down, but only one Nick Saban defense has given up more than 300 yards per game in his previous 10 seasons.

"We hold ourselves to a higher standard. That's what made this program what it is so far. Guys before us, we owe it to them to bust our butts and do our job and pretty much not let anybody score because that's what they prided their selves on and that's what we need to pride ourselves on."

Holcombe, on the other hand, has been a nice surprise for the Alabama defense after injuries hit the linebackers hard in the first game. The junior recorded nine tackles on Saturday night to bring his total to 17 on the season, which ranks second on the team.

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