Alabama head coach Nick Saban made his final media appearance of the week on Wednesday as his team prepares for a non-conference game versus Louisiana.

The big story nationally has been the quarterback change at Clemson and the subsequent transfer by Kelly Bryant. It's a similar situation to what happened at Alabama but Jalen Hurts didn't leave when he lost the job.

"I think Jalen has been very, very professional about the way he's handled the situation he's in," Saban said. "I've said it's a unique situation. Nobody has ever been in this situation before, won 26 games here and now all of a sudden somebody else is playing.

"But what he has done is he's work everyday to try to get better. He's focusing on improving and the value that he can get from this season because we're going to play him as much as we possibly can. He deserves to play. He's a good player."

He should get significant time on Saturday as the Tide is a 49-point favorite, but Saban is focused on every player working on improving each day.

"I think the question everyday that you can ask yourself as a player, 'Did I get better today?'

"I think that, if I was going to evaluate practice, I'd say we have a significant number of guys that probably did that and I'd say we have a few guys that I don't know how they would answer that question."

Here's what else Saban discussed during his press conference:

  • Supporting 'Coach for Cure' this week and Nick's Kids will be honoring the teaching excellence award winner.
  • What he saw in secondary coach Karl Scott when he brought him in this offseason. Scott had just been named defensive coordinator at Louisiana before Saban hired him.
  • How has the attention players get during the recruiting process affected their mindset heading into college and how those expectations play into the increased transfers.
  • Saban's relationship with the media and specifically ESPN.

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