Alabama head coach Nick Saban appeared relaxed and in a good mood when he met with the media for his final press conference of the week before Ole Miss.

Following his opening statement, Saban joked, "I don't have a lot to say today so I guess this would really be a good day for you all to ask some good questions. So you think we've got any chance, any chance at all? Now, if I don't start laughing here, I'm going to get killed on SportsCenter or some place."

From there, the questions began about Ole Miss and the team's status heading into Saturday's game. Here are the topics that were discussed:

  • Punt returners Trevon Diggs and Henry Ruggs III and how he plans to use both players, especially against rugby-style punters
  • What analyst Dan Werner has brought to the offense and how he's helped the team
  • His thoughts on Ole Miss quarterback Shea Patterson and what he does as a passer that makes him successful
  • An update on Miller Forristall's injury and how the team will move forward at tight end with him out.
  • The importance of conditioning in games like this one. Ole Miss' offense moves fast and the games usually last well past three hours.
  • The difficulty of defending an offense and a quarterback that can extend plays.
  • The status of linebacker Jamey Mosley, who has missed some practice time with illness.
  • His team's motivation heading into Ole Miss and whether it's any different than other games.

You can watch the entire press conference in the video above.

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