You know all those plans you had to go swimming this summer? Forget them. After you see the fish a Virginia man caught earlier this month, you're not even going to want to take a shower without a spear gun.

Virginia fisherman Caleb Newton caught a three-foot-long, 17-pound, six-ounce Northern snakehead fish (also known as Frankenfish) in the Potomac River earlier this month. Depending on the weight of Newton's catch, he could be the owner of a new world record for the Northern snakehead species. But, that's not really important right now.

See, the notoriously predatory snakehead fish — which eat everything and fear nothing — are not native to America, meaning the evil, ugly species have migrated and are thriving. This is NOT a good thing, because these fish just consume everything in their habitat, then they walk on land in search of another food source.

So, while Newton is busy accepting his world record, you should be figuring out how to cool off some place other than a body of water this summer. You have been warned.

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