A father and son duo go ice fishing out in Canada. It's a nice, quiet time out on the ice. And then -- the unexpected happens.

In this video, laden with a bit of NSFW language, the father and son team are hanging out on the ice when the father gets a bite. It turns out that it was a bit of a big bite, which gets him all worked up. It's awesome to see the both of them ramp up with excitement over the prospect of a big catch. If you check the length of the video, you'll notice that it's about 8 and a half minutes long, meaning that they fought with the mighty beast for quite a while before they were able to lurch it forth from the ice fishing hole.

We're no experts at fishing and we don't claim to know much about the sport, but apparently this behemoth of a fish measured at 43.75 inches long. Sounds big to us. It was just shy of the world record catch-and-release fish's length, which was a solid 46 inches. You can see the father proudly posing with his catch at the end of the video. Of course, the fate of the fish is left as a mystery, but at least the battle that ended with its capture has been chronicled in video form, for all to see.

Watch the video above and marvel at this ice fishing feat.

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