Add four new concrete slabs to the Walk of Fame surrounding Denny Chimes.

Per tradition, Amari Cooper, Jalston Fowler and Blake Sims were all immortalized as permanent team captains of the 2014 season when each placed their hand and footprints into wet concrete ahead of Alabama’s A-Day spring game Saturday. Landon Collins, also a 2014 permanent team captain, did not attend the ceremony due to an NFL commitment in Indianapolis. It was announced that he would come later that afternoon.

The foursome, who all either graduated (Fowler, Sims) or submitted their names as early entrees into the NFL Draft (Collins, Cooper), were announced as permanent team captains of the Crimson Tide’s 2014 season via player vote at the team’s annual end-of-year banquet last December.

Alabama has been recognizing its players on the Walk of Fame at Denny Chimes since the spring of 1947 when Harry Gilmer and John Wozniak became the first Crimson Tide football players to have their prints etched in the concrete. With the four new concrete slabs for Collins, Cooper, Fowler and Sims, the total number of recognized names at the site located on the Quad rose to 176 on 168 slabs.

Each captain spoke briefly in front of a sizeable crowd to thank the fans and their teammates at the start of the ceremony before stepping aside to leave their marks in the concrete as coach Nick Saban stepped up to the microphone to say a few words of his own.

Sims actually had to re-do his prints after a worker accidentally stepped in the wet concrete where he had placed his prints only moments earlier.

The ceremony began close to 12:30 p.m., roughly 90 minutes before the scheduled A-Day kickoff time of 2 p.m.

All four players were members of the Crimson Tide’s 2012 national championship team, as well as the College Football Playoff semifinalist squad from this past season. Fowler and Sims were also a part of the 2011 national championship team.

Watch the full video of the event above. To hear the players’ speeches, Sims’ re-do and what the players had to say afterward scroll down below.


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