Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa made his first - and likely not the last - appearance on Monday Night Football last night when he joined Scott Van Pelt for an interview that aired at halftime.

The shorter clip aired during the game while the full conversation ran during Van Pelt's Sportscenter after the Green Bay Packers' victory. It wasn't a long discussion but they touched on a few important topics like the sophomore's sprained knee.

"I got to go out to practice today," Tagovailoa told host Scott Van Pelt. "I'm a lot better, actually, than I was last week after the Arkansas game. It looked bad on the field. I just re-tweaked it, kind of, but we got some treatment after the game, following this morning leading up to practice today. So we're a lot better."

That's good news for Alabama as it heads to Tennessee to face the Volunteers on Saturday. The Crimson Tide is a four-touchdown favorite but the Vols are rejuvenated and confident after the win over Auburn last weekend.

Tagovailoa will try to continue his near-perfect season which includes 24 total touchdowns to just one turnover. That fumble came the last time out against Missouri, and the quarterback is quick to point out that he still has plenty to work on.

"There's a lot of things that I haven't done correctly....A lot of things during the Missouri game I missed and we can tell you an example. The fumble where I got sacked, the sack fumble, I had a wide open guy coming across. He had a dig route. I kind of held onto the ball too long."

Check out the full interview at the top of the page from Monday night's Sportscenter.

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