If you've ever driven to Tuscaloosa from Birmingham, there's a great chance you were greeted by a billboard featuring Alabama's head football coach along I-20/59. 

That larger-than-life Nick Saban stood tall to welcome fans and visitors to Tuscaloosa, but it received a facelift makeover this weekend after multiple severe thunderstorms moved through the state. The head coach's head was wiped off the billboard and blown away, leaving just the torso to promote 'Hey Coach.'

A man that watches the Weather Channel everyday would probably appreciate this even more than most, but we aren't even sure if he knows this billboard exists.

But let's look on the bright side of this weather damage for a second. Some house or apartment in the Brookwood, Woodstock, Abernant, Vance, or Green Pond will soon be the envy of the neighborhood after someone recovers this 6-foot Saban head.

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