The Wonderlic Test is given out to draft prospects to measure cognitive ability and problem-solving amplitude. Every year NFL teams use the test to measure how well the prospects think on their feet. It is a series of 50 multiple choice questions, each test taker has 12-minutes to complete the test as best they can.

The scores have been, as they usually are, leaked out to the public a week before the draft. How did the four offensive Alabama players fare on the test?

Tua Tagovailoa scored a 13 on the test. Tagovailoa scored the lowest out of all the quarterbacks who took the test this year. While this is not indicative of future success, NFL teams will use this as another reason to justify his slide. His former Alabama teammate, Jalen Hurts scored second-lowest with an 18.

Jake Fromm from Georgia scored second-highest with a 35 and, the likely first pick in the draft, Joe Burrow scored a 34.

Tagovailoa's low score may cause some to question whether he is worth the investment of a high pick but in comparison, NFL Hall-of-Fame quarterback,  Dan Marino scored a 16 on the test. The average for quarterbacks is 24.

Alabama wide receiver Jerry Jeudy scored a nine on the Wonderlic, his counterpart Henry Ruggs III scored a 20. Jeudy's score was the lowest among wide receivers while Ruggs scored in the middle of the pack. The two Tide receivers are battling with Oklahoma's Ceedee Lamb to be the first receiver taken next week. Lamb scored a 12 on his Wonderlic.

Crimson Tide offensive tackle Jedrick Wills took the cognitive ability test twice, he scored a nine on his first attempt but improved it to a 23 on his second try. The first attempt for Wills was the lowest score by offensive linemen but his 23 put him in the middle of the group.

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