Throughout the spring, the coaches and players have put a heavy emphasis on developing leadership for the 2019 season.

An important aspect of leadership for coaches and players is the ability to communicate plays, assignments and concepts to your team and fellow teammates.

Following Saturday's first scrimmage of the spring, junior defensive back Xavier McKinney offered his insights into the scrimmage including the overall performance of the team.

"I thought it was a good scrimmage overall. Of course, there are a lot of things that we could do better. A lot of things that we still got to work on." McKinney said.

The junior safety noted communication as a one of the high priority areas in the scrimmage.

"I think one of our biggest things was communication. I feel like we tried to work on that a lot for this first scrimmage. Still a lot of improvement left as far as making sure everybody iss on the right keys, just eye discipline. So a lot of different things that we can still work on." McKinney said.

During his visit with reporters, Tua Tagovailoa mentioned how the terminology is changing with new offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. On the flip side, McKinney talks about how the terminology has remained the same even with the coaching changes on defense.

"Nah, it's the same, same ole' play calls that we've had before, just different people calling it. For us, it's the same stuff that we've been doing. We're used to it, nothing different for us." McKinney said.

Later in his chat with reporters, the Roswell, Georgia, native highlighted the growth of Josh Jobe and the inside linebackers, Shyheim Carter's performance in the spring, more experience in the secondary,

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