As the season progress the plot thickens. Another week brings another game of college football scrabble right on the screen as we try to sort out the clutter and find the four best teams in the nation.

With the Tide having a bye week and rolling into what seems to be midseason form, a Clemson loss puts Alabama in a familiar spot of No.1 in the polls and the King of College Football.

Though this may be "rat poison", sorry Uncle Nick, Alabama is one of two teams who's destiny lies in their hands. Assuming they win out, a loss in SEC championship to Florida couldn’t keep them from playoff. With wins against UGA, Texas A&M (who beat Florida) and Auburn, the Tide seem to be the only lock in the 4-team puzzle.

Ohio State took care of business as expected versus Rutgers in a 49-27 victory, and the Big Ten seems to be no deeper than them. Although Maryland is hot right now, and Indiana is ranked No. 10 the odds show the Buckeyes as the prohibited favorite.

With that in mind the Ohio State would be a logical favorite to make it to the College Football Playoff.

But this where things get interesting

After thoroughly exposing Georgia, Florida sits right outside of a chance to compete for a national championship. Hanging in the balance between Texas A&M, BYU, Norte Dame, and Cincinnati.

With Clemson taking the L and Notre Dame locking down the No. 2 spot, a major ACC championship seems to be on the horizon. Both teams have unranked opponents for the rest of year leaving the Playoff Committee with only a matter of time before hard decisions must be made.

If Clemson wins does Notre Dame fall out of the top four or do we get a part three in the college football playoff?

Who takes the spot if Clemson falls off? A Florida team who passes the eye test but could possibly have two losses if they fall short in the SEC championship? Does Texas A&M slide in like a thief in the night?

Could the committee show love to the outsiders with both Cincinnati and BYU having a quality win verses a ranked opponent and dominating their respective schedule?

I don’t have the answers. I’m just the intern.

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