As a beat reporter and journalist in Tuscaloosa, Aaron Suttles decided to give his opinion of the state of journalism on "The Suttles Approach."

It's become more commonplace for many websites to stick sponsored content, ads, and slideshows all over their sites. While some content is entertaining and amusing, pawning most of it off as "journalism" is lazy, and quite frankly disrespectful to the readers.

Aaron has been in the media business for a while now, and when he saw a particular slideshow pop up on another particular website, he decided to give his thoughts on what is considered "journalism" now-a-days, and he didn't pull any punches.

It's a "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" situation: are the media to blame for lazy "journalism," or is it the fault of the consumers constantly demanding quick tidbits, sponsored content, and non-news worthy slideshows instead of hard news? The media can't exist without consumers, yet consumers can't stay informed without the media.

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