Should Alabama basketball play its way onto the bubble next season, it won't have to worry about strength of schedule. The Crimson Tide have added another marquee non-conference game with the Arizona Wildcats later this year.

The home-and-home series will begin in December with a trip to Tuscon with a follow-up trip to Tuscaloosa for the 2018-19 season. Arizona released its non-conference schedule on Friday to confirm that this year's meeting will take place on Saturday, December 9.

The Wildcats will likely begin the season ranked in the top five and will be one of the favorites to win the national championship. Bovada lists Arizona's odds to win at 9-1, which is just behind Duke and Michigan State. Depending on how Alabama starts its season, that December game could be a top-20 or top-25 matchup.

The Crimson Tide hasn't officially released its non-conference schedule, but Avery Johnson's team will have faced Memphis, Minnesota, and BYU by that time and also has Texas, Rhode Island, and Oklahoma already booked. At this point, Alabama already has its strongest schedule and deepest lineup in years, which should make it a pretty exciting time in Tuscaloosa.


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