The Alabama-Auburn rivalry is bigger than anything else in Alabama. As a native of Birmingham, Ala., Sam Williams, the lead singer of Nashville-based band The Weeks, knows all about the gridiron war.

Williams' father's family roots for the Crimson Tide, while his mom's side of the family loves the Tigers. Williams sides with his dad, rooting for Alabama, which is what makes his band's latest album title so odd: 'Dear Bo Jackson' — as in Auburn running back Bo Jackson.

”We listen to all kinds of [expletive] and we don’t ever say this is our plan or we’re going to make some soul songs or some R&B songs or this one’s going to have a country feel. It’s whatever we feel like doing at the moment. If it strikes us then that’s what we’re going to do,” Williams said.


“(Bo Jackson) had the same kind of deal. ‘You want me to play football, I don’t really want to play football. I’m going to play baseball. You may not like it right now or think it’s a great idea but just give me one week and you’ll love it that I play baseball.’ I’ve always respected that he sort of just does what he wants and people love him for it.”

Williams also mentioned that Jackson is the one Auburn player whose talent no Tide fan ever questions. Why? This, this and these. There aren't many athletes that transcend hated rivalries like Jackson does with Alabama-Auburn. Maybe the U.S. should send Bo to North Korea to negotiate? Williams and The Weeks are scheduled to begin a European tour with the Kings of Leon in June.

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