What is wrong with Greg McElroy?

From: ESPN Broadcast Greg McElroy
From: ESPN Broadcast Greg McElroy

That is my question.

Folks on social media were much HARSHER than my simple question.

McElroy was questioning throwing a flag on the Vols after they tackled Brian Robinson Jr., a good 10 yards out of bounds.

I think technically you are supposed to tackle players IN BOUNDS!

Not almost 10 yards into the sideline!

Give me a break. McElroy said "I would have kept the flag in my pocket" on several calls that went against Tennessee.

Maybe you should keep those opinions in your pocket too. One fan on Twitter said "Does Greg regret playing for Bama or something? Seems like he likes anyone but Bama".

Another fan, @Mr_Rutherford, said "I can handle the Vols losing (I'm used to it) but I'm about to lose my mind hearing Greg McElroy be holier than thou and acting like he's some offensive genius while calling this game."

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@JS_Bama_Fan said "Anyone else tired of listening to Greg McElroy yet? He is brutal."

I understand it's hard to walk the line when calling a game featuring a team that you have personal ties with...but this was plain ridiculous.

Troy Aikman can call a Dallas game on Fox and maintain that line without bashing his former team.

Maybe Greg does have some resentment towards Alabama or Nick Saban for some unknown reason.

It certainly seemed so during the Alabama beatdown of Tennessee on Saturday evening in Tuscaloosa.

Is it so difficult to find decent announcers and analysts to cover the games? Especially Alabama games. I volunteer to take Greg McElroy's job.

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