Alabama has had a rough two week start to their spring semester of sports.


Multiple sports have kicked their season off, including UA’s Gymnastics team. These ladies have had a difficult start to their season, but their huge Iron Bowl Meet is this Friday, January 28th at Auburn University starting at 8 p.m. CT.

Alabama has lost to Oklahoma University 195.875-197.400 and Florida University 196.925-197.00 to open the year. Traveling this season has not been their strongest suit, but they did redeem themselves with a win in their home opener against the University of Kentucky 197.650- 196.275. This may be the big win that shoots fire back into these girls’ hearts to continue this path as the Tide faces their biggest rivals this upcoming Friday.

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Auburn being undefeated this season and ranked No. 7 in the country poses a huge threat to our girls this week. The Tide dropped to No. 10 in the country after their two opening losses, getting bumped out of the No. 6 slot that they held at the beginning of the season.

Auburn is averaging 196.650 each meet, while Alabama is averaging 196.400. These two averages being so close keeps the spark and hope alive for Alabama fans hoping for an upset over their War Eagle foes.

The Tide travels to Auburn on Friday to compete at Auburn Arena at 8 p.m. CT. If you cannot travel to watch the Tide in person, it will be shown on the SEC network at the same time.

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