Football is an ever-changing sport: athletes change, coaches change, programs change, fans change, but to many Alabama fans, one thing should never change: the uniforms.

According to a poll taken by Pick Six Previews, a sample of 100 underclassmen high school football recruits (players who won't be seniors this coming school year) voted on who they thought had the best uniforms and the worst uniforms in college football. As you could probably guess, the flashy, different-every-week, customized Nike Oregon Ducks' uniforms dominated the "Best Uniform" poll, but there was a well-recognized name at the top of the "Worst Uniform" poll...

The University of Alabama.

(Credit: Pick Six Previews)

Now, we all can agree that Alabama's uniform isn't the flashiest, isn't the hippest, isn't the "coolest," but to say it's the "worst?" That's cold, and quite frankly, wrong. I mean, look at these monstrosities.

Sure, you can say you don't like Alabama's uniforms, that they're too plain, et cetera, whatever: that's your opinion. But these uniforms above? They're objectively ugly.

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