From Dru Love to Bobby Wyatt, this is the Alabama Men’s Golf Twitter Roster-a complete list of available twitter handles for Alabama Crimson Tide men’s golfers. Roster is based of the Spring 2013 roster and will be updated when the official roster is released in the fall.

Note: accounts of student athletes are not verified. If there are additions or changes to be made to this roster, please leave as a comment below. 




Alabama Men's Twitter Roster

Dru LoveFR@Love4d
Tom LoveladyRS FR@TomLovelady25
Trey MullinaxJR@htmullinax
Robby PraterFR@robbyprater10
William SellersFR@WOSellers
Justin ThomasSO@JustinThomas34
Cory WhitsettJR@cory_whitsett
Bobby WyattJR@Bobby_Wyatt

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