The University of Alabama’s six championships in the last 12 years reveals what amazing talent they have. That talent has been translated to the NFL.

Every year, Bama has one of, if not the most amount of players drafted. A decent amount of these players turn out to be special.

The annual NFL Top 100 player-made list has included rookies, pro bowlers and future hall-of-famers. This year was the 11th time the list was made.

This year’s list featured players from schools from all over the country. However, Bama had the most with seven.

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The former Bama superstars include: Ryan Kelly ranked 69th, Josh Jacobs ranked 68th, Calvin Ridley ranked 65th, Minkah Fitzpatrick ranked 52nd, Marlon Humphrey ranked 38th, Julio Jones ranked 29th and 2015 Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry at 4th overall.

The schools with the second-most players on the list were Ohio State and LSU, each with six.

Overall, the conference with the most players on the list was the SEC with 26. The runner-up was the Big Ten with 20.

All six of the Bama players on the list won at least one national championship. Calvin Ridley and Minkah Fitzpatrick have won it twice.

The future for these players is very bright as three of them are 26-years-old and below. Julio Jones is the oldest at 32-years-old. 

This may be one of the last times Jones makes this list as he is starting to digress. He will no longer be the main target on his (new) team as he’s paired with rising star receiver A.J. Brown.

There are plenty of Bama players that weren’t on the list this year, but can be next year. Jerry Jeudy, Jedrick Wills Jr. and rookie Patrick Surtain II are future players in the Top 100.

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