While Alabama's passing attack remains a concern for some fans, one the team's receivers doesn't agree with the criticism towards quarterback Jalen Hurts.

Senior Cam Sims met with reporters this week to discuss the offense through two games, and he was asked about the Crimson Tide's starting quarterback.

"To me, he's a great passer," Sims said. "He do what he gotta do. To me, when everybody says he's not a good passer or he needs to do more, he's doing what he needs to do. Every day he works on it."

Hurts showed more of that passing ability against Fresno State last Saturday but completing 74 percent of his passes and connecting on two touchdowns. He also utilized his weapons by spreading the ball around much more.

"We got big receivers that can play like smaller guys and we've got smaller guys that can play like big guys. And all of us fast so we can break it at any moment."

Alabama will face a solid passing defense this weekend in Colorado State. The Rams have allowed just three touchdown passes while making seven interceptions in three games.