New Alabama football coach Kalen DeBoer had a quick chat with Paul Finebaum Friday on the SEC Network. Here's a look, including some sage advice.

On the last week

"It's been a whirlwind but a fun time from the championship game to this opportunity."

On the airport greeting when he arrived

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"It shows the support. I think football at Alabama brings people together. It meant a lot for my family and I. It was a great way to kick off our time here."

On the Decision to come to Alabama

"You're always honored to be in the same breath... to be recognized as someone [Alabama AD Greg Byrne]wants. I could tell he aligned with what I was looking for."

On Nick Saban

"I called him when we were taking the job. It was comforting to hear how humble he was. He mentioned Coach Bryant. He's left a great foundation and he wants what's best for this program. He's always welcome here. I'd be foolish not to have a legendary coach not helping us.

"Every time I've called he's picked up the phone. He knows I'm looking for advice. He's been awesome in every way."

On his staff

"We're getting close. We've got a talented,  extraorinary staff. It's a good mix. I'm excited about the style of play. We will continue to attack on both sides of the ball."

On the massive portal exits

"I went through this two years ago [when he arrived at Washington]. This is a much better situation. You just roll up your sleeves and stay the course. We want the guys who want to be here. I'm proud of them sticking together, being intentional and communicating.

"A lot of guys came here to build a legacy and leave a legacy. We will work with the guys who are here. We're in a great spot. We just have to stay the course."

On advice for worrying fans

"It's the world we live in. You expect this is going to happen. We will get the right people in the program, staff and players. I'd tell the fans to be excited about the staff we're bringing in. I'm not alarmed at all."

On his family

"My wife Nicole. Married 22 years. We've had a few moves. Two daughters [Washington softball signee Alexis and Avery]. One finishing high school and one in sixth grade. They love football."

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