UPDATE: Saban offered a statement on Burton's actions at Wednesday's press conference.

“We are aware of the situation with Jermiane Burton as he was exiting the field Saturday. We are currently working to gather more information,” said coach Nick Saban.


Alabama lost an emotional football game against Tennessee on Saturday night in Neyland Stadium. The Volunteers celebrated its 52-49 victory, a win that broke a 15-year losing streak to the Crimson Tide, by rushing the field and tearing down the goalposts in a sheer pandemonium.

The crowd rushed the field so quickly that the Alabama players, coaches and support staff had to wade through the crowd to get to the locker room.

The post game scene was nothing short of pandemonium and stories have begun emerging about what actually went down in those mad-house minutes.

A wheelchaired Crimson Tide legend had drinks poured over him, Nick Saban's daughter was spit on and now it appears as if video has captured an Alabama player physically lashing out at celebrating fans.

Junior wide receiver Jermaine Burton can be seen lashing out at Vols fans in not one but two separate videos.

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He appears to swipe at a female fan cutting in front of him in the first video and in the second he appears to swipe at an unidentified fan holding a camera in the chaos.

It's hard to know if Burton, a transfer from the University of Georgia, lashes out at these fans out of frustration or out of fear for his safety. The scene on the field in post-game can be described kindly as out of control at best and dangerous at worst.

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If Burton was frustrated with the loss it's easy to see why as he only hauled in two passes for 49 yards while being targeted four times and particularly on the Crimson Tide's final offensive play of the game.

The California-native has arguably struggled to get on the same page with the defending Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Bryce Young.

For the season he's brought in 18 receptions for 266 yards and three touchdowns.

In the biggest three matchups of the year, Texas, Texas A&M and Tennessee he's only pitched in for seven receptions with 107 yards and a touchdown with the majority of that damage coming against the Aggies at home.

He has five catches for 73 yards in the Crimson Tide's three road games this season.

His post-game behavior is sure to draw criticism, regardless as to the reason for his actions. Burton should have controlled himself better while the mayhem carried on around him.

 It is unclear if the receiver will face disciplinary consequences at this time.

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