Former Alabama running back Kerry Goode was in Knoxville on Saturday doing what any father would do, supporting his son. Goode, who played for the Crimson Tide in the mid 1980s, was in Neyland Stadium Saturday watching the Tennessee Vols pull off an upset that ended 15-years of misery against the Alabama Crimson Tide.

The former tailback, who now battles ALS Disease, was sitting in the Tennessee friends and family section of Neyland Stadium because his son was hired by the Volunteers as a recruiting analyst this past year.

It was a day that should have been celebratory for the Goode family, but while Roman and his coworkers celebrated a historic win that served as proof of Tennessee's long road back to the top, his father was being mistreated in the stands.

Goode, who is confined to a wheelchair due to his disease, had drinks poured all over him during the celebration and pandemonium.

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It was one of many unfortunate tales of celebrations taken too far this past weekend. Luckily for Goode an usher helped escort him out of the stadium during the chaos.

During the first half the former Alabama tailback set his college loyalties aside and wore Tennessee gear to support his son and their coworkers.

However, as the clock turned to the second half he changed up his shirt to support his alma mater in its comeback attempts.

Goode is instantly recognizable by Alabama fans for his bright smile and the wheelchair he is confined to, but even if you didn't know he was an Alabama legend, pouring a drink on someone is beyond reprehensible.

The Tennessee fans are certainly entitled to celebrate what was an epic ballgame and a historic win for its program, however there are certain things you don't do. Pouring out drinks on Alabama fans, abled or disabled, simply crosses that line.

Goode took to Facebook to document the event but maintained that the incident did not ruin his or his family's weekend. He even went as far to write that the actions of few do not define the character of the entire fan base. Goode's forgiving heart in the face of adversity is certainly something to find appreciation for.

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Alabama fans, it appears our SEC eastern rival is indeed, "back" given the high powered nature of its offense, the victory on Saturday and the deep pockets that support the program.

When the Volunteers make the return trip to Tuscaloosa next season lets remember the standard that we hold ourselves to. The Crimson Tide stands for excellence and class, regardless of the treatment of rivals or questionable officiating on the field.

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