Was it a dirty hit? Depends who you ask. Alabama quarterback Jalen Milroe has his own thoughts about the Dallas Turner lambasting of Jayden Daniels. Milroe discussed that and much more in his Monday media briefing.

On the hit by Dallas Turner on Jayden Daniels

"Well, football may be physical — shoot I got hit a couple times, [and] looked at the ref like, 'You're not gonna call that?' So, that's football," Milroe said. "You gotta get up, you gotta look at the next play. I'm glad that wasn't me on the field, I'll tell you that."

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On his seemingly 'extra gear' on some of his runs vs. LSU

"It was a secret formula I cooked up in the lab that I've been been hiding for a few weeks and I decided to break it out [against LSU].

"Honestly it just comes with grinding and leaning on coach [Tommy] Rees' game plan. He's doing a good job with play-calling. I'm very confident with all the plays.

"For me, it's all about instincts and just hitting it as fast as possible and creating productive plays.

"All I want to do is advance downs and as a quarterback I want to lead the offense... whether it's with my arm or my legs. Just try to make a positive play."

On learning from the Texas loss in week 2

"Not dwell in that moment but also acknowledging some things and corrections that we need to make as a football team. I can honestly say from my angle as an offensive standpoint we're steadily growing and learning. I think that's key to how our success is driven and I think experience is the best teacher and we're constantly looking to improve; I think that hunger is important for our offense.  We're just constantly learning and just trying to do our job."

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