Nick Saban met the media Wednesday following another successful Early Signing Day Haul, having reeled in the nation's no. 2 class per the 0n3 composite rankings. The veteran coach also discussed his 2023 team and its Rose Bowl preparation.

Here's a look at what Saban had to say on those topics and more:

Opening Statement

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"We just got off the practice field. Prepping for a game. People want to talk about signing.

"We're really pleased with the class. We got a lot of midyear guys.

"This is a product by a hard work by a lot of people... in helping us put together a really good class.

"I'm excited about these players.

"From a practice standpoint, the players had good energy and enthusiasm today.

"Excellence is not free. Working on fundamentals and finishing plays. We need to pay attention to detail so everybody's playing together."

On Dre Kirkpatrick Jr.

"That's the first generational legacy player that played for us at Alabama and now plays for us. His dad was great. I know he's proud of his son and his son having an opportunity to come to Alabama.

"He and his dad are different people. Little Dre is a mature guy who is competitive. His dad was the same way."

Photo Courtesy of BamaOnLine via Twitter.
Photo Courtesy of BamaOnLine via Twitter.

On the offensive line class

"We think they have  a lot of potential. That's a developmental position. We know a lot about them. We're excited about having them here.

"We're out in the market looking for more offensive linemen from a quality and experience standpoint."

On keeping guys committed in a class

"Our focus right now is on the game, but I know we've got to recruite. There's a lot of guys in the portal we think are outstanding players. We're trying to coach our players and recruit other players.

"Players visit in the summer. The whole thing is pushed forward with early signing days. There's a lot of things happening that take our attention and we're trying to manage our time so that we can finish."

On early enrollees

"They haven't been allowed to put full pads on yet but being in meetings and around players on the field and seeing how a college practice really goes... This total experience is a really positive thing for them."

On Julian Sayin

"Julian is an outstanding player. We like him a lot. Had a great high school career.

"We want the quarterback to be comfortable under center. We like guys who did that in high school. That's pretty huge for a quarterback."

On  Aeryn 'Bubba' Hampton

"Bubba's kind of a dog. He doesn't come off the field very often. Great competitor who can do a lot of things."

On staying an elite recruiter

"We try to be honest and upfront. We sell people on creating value in their brand. A lot of guys still buy into that. NIL spreads out where guys go. Some are interested in how much money they can make."

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