It's been a mystery most of the week: will Alabama have a healthy Deontae Lawson and/or Jaylen Key at Kentucky Saturday? Nick Saban answered that and more in his weekly radio show broadcast with Eli Gold and media guest host Nick Kelly of the Tuscaloosa News. Here are the highlights:

On Practice This Week

"It's human nature to have psychological letdown. You have two big games in a row and you feel that way. It would be a shame not to finish the way we are capable of.

"Complacency is not something that bodes well in competitive sports."

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On the offense

"The younger and less experienced guys are learning and growing more confident."

On Groza Award Finalist Will Reichard's Misses

"I just pat him on the butt and say make the next one."

On Making The Playoffs

"We have to take care of our own business first. You want to be proud of the way they finish."

On Key and Lawson's Availability

"They haven't been able to practice much this week and are very questionable for this game. It's an opportunity for other guys to step up this game. we hope to get them back in the future.

"Lawson is the signal-caller. His knowledge will be missed."

"I think the depth of our team is younger than it's been in the past. It's harder for us to get guys to come because they want to start. You fill that gap with younger players

"I'd say our depth is better than it has been but at some positions we don't have a lot."

On What He Enjoys at Lake Burton

"You ever been to 'Bust Your Butt' Falls? You need to try that." [No thanks, coach.]

On Kentucky's Run Defense

"They've got three really big guys that are physical up front. Pretty athletic backers. They play zone most of the time and make it hard to run the ball inside. That's why they're very good against the run.

"You've got to be patent and get movement on these guys."

Saban's Final Word


"Veterans Day is coming up. We appreciate what you did for our country.

"This is an important game. Do you have gratitude for the opportunity? It's not something you should take for granted. Have proper respect for the other team.

"We've got to have the right mindset. Play better than the other team. It's not just 'show up.'

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