NIck Saban, Eli Gold and media guest Charlie Potter of On3Sports were on hand for Saban's weekly radio show Thursday nigh at Baumhower's, Here is a summary of the highlights:

On Kerry Goode and ALS being present for the show

"It's all about your heart. As much as he's battling, he does things to help other people."

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On  the wide receiver corps

"The entire group has made tremendous progress The receivers were outstanding at Kentucky.  Confidence gives you positive reinforcement."

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On Kadyn Proctor and Jadeden Roberts helping the offensive line

"Kadyn Proctor has gained a lot of confidence and the players around him have helped him learn to play better. The players are doing a better job of communicating.

"Jaeden Roberts is a powerful guy. That makes you much more effective in the run game. We also have confidence in Darrien Dalcourt."

On Jalen Milroe playing through a thigh injury

"Jalen really wants to be a good player. The mental toughness to overcome adversity and you have to deal with it. He's always been a tough guy. When he plays with toughness it inspires other guys to play that way."

On the senior class playing their last home game

"These guys all won a national championship in 2020. To show their appreciation,  i hope everyone comes out and supports them."

On Chattanooga

"They throw a lot of RPO's. They're well-coached. They're one of the top offenses in their [FCS] division. This game can hurt us by us not building and stacking positive performance.

"The players have been pretty good this week. Hopefully that carries over into the game."

On the best player he's ever coached

"Good question but it would be unfair to so many players. The thing I admire most about the good players we have is they're character players. Emulate that part of who they are."

On defending trick plays

"On Thursdays we show the trick plays and gimmicks to our players then we sprinkle them in practice so they'll recognize them. You have to have really good discipline on defense. There's a lot of coaching that goes into all these plays."

On Chattanooga DC and former Bama player Lorenzo "Whammy" Ward

"They play hard on defense and they're very sound in what they do. We've got to go out and execute. They do a good job pushing the pocet in the middle."

On Saban's most memorable game

"I hate to sound crazy but it was the last one and the most important one is the next one. There's not one particular game I could say. All the championships were special."

On Saban  and his fiver dollar per swear at practice  jar 

"t's costing me a lot. The players want me to pay for swearing on the field. I haven't agreed to that. I might need a loan from Miss Terry on that one."

Saban's Final Word

"Come out and support this team. This team has given you something to be proud of. Our fans have contributed to the momentum of this team maybe more than I can remember. Continue doing that."


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