The Atlanta Braves are currently tied up with the Houston Astros in the World Series, 1-1. But going into last night's game, the Braves were ahead 1-0 and that garnered the attention of one international superstar.

During his Love on Tour show in Atlanta, Grammy award-winning singer Harry Styles decided to give the Braves a shoutout for its World Series appearance.

"How 'bout them Braves last night," Styles yelled to the crowd, "Astros, out of there! We're going all the way, baby. One game at a time, take one game at a time - we're going all the way!"

Now as the resident Braves gal on the staff, and as a girl who grew up on One Direction and has Harry Styles as one of her top Spotify artists, you can only imagine how excited I was to hear this sports analysis from known sports fan Styles.

Great minds really must think alike, because I wrote just a couple of days back that I believe the same. This Atlanta team has proven it is capable of beating a tough Astros squad as the Braves won the first game on Houston's turf. And even though it lost a tough game last night, Atlanta came back from tough losses in Game 3 and Game 5 against the Los Angeles Dodgers and won the series in six games.

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You may not believe a pop singer as busy as Styles would even have time to follow sports, but I'm here to tell you this man is known for showing some love to sports teams.

Growing up in the United Kingdom, he played soccer. Styles is also a self-proclaimed Green Bay Packers fan, and he has the logo tattooed on his left arm. A few weeks back, he was spotted paying golf with a couple of players from the Carolina Hurricanes .

It comes as no surprise to me that Styles would make a proclamation about the Braves whilst in Atlanta, as he seems to be pretty up to date on his sports news.

So maybe we give his opinion some merit, even if you believe it was just to appease the crowd, because he might not be wrong. If Harry Styles, heartthrob and award winning artist, thinks the Braves are going all the way, then maybe he is manifesting it for Atlanta. And I'm certainly not going to argue.

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