Jimmy Bank worked for decades as a traveling secretary for multiple teams in Major League Baseball.

On Thursday he recounted some of his experiences on "Inside the Locker Room" with hosts Wimp and Barry Sanderson.

Courtesy of Paul Sullivan's Official Page via Facebook
Courtesy of Paul Sullivan's Official Page via Facebook

Jimmy Bank

"Being a traveling secretary is sort of like being a road manager for a really large rock band," explained Bank. "You just handled everything on the road. Hotels, buses, trucks for the equipment, player's tickets..."

Bank said that at one point a new coach asked him whether he was the traveling secretary. After answering yes, the coach responded, "so then you can bail the players out of jail." Bank laughed, "I do have that authority...but I never had to use it."

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Bank's career has still had some memorable moments though.

At one point, Bank was informed that Gary Sinise, the actor who played Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump was a big Cubs fan. "I took him down to the clubhouse area and Ryne Sandberg, who was getting ready to go into hall of fame, comes around the corner."

They both recognized each other and started chatting, Bank said. "One of 'em goes 'hey can I have a picture with you?' and the other one goes, 'hey can i have a picture with YOU?'"

"It was just fun seeing these guys at that level come down to our level," said Bank. "And with the Cubs especially, cuz of their notoriety and having fans all over, the celebrities were around almost everyday."

Bank said the networking experiences he had with the Cubs were unbelievable. "I met five U.S. Presidents and got to do a lot of fun things that I never would have had the opportunity to do."

Working with sports celebrities hasn't always been easy, but even beyond the Cubs, Bank noted that his career really was very fortunate. "I don't want to tell the bad stories, because I try to remember all the good guys," he said. "And the good guys outweigh the bad guys tremendously."

Listen to the full interview with Jimmy Bank:

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