Attorney Mary Turner of the Turner Law Group has filed a request for a new bond hearing with Tuscaloosa District Court on behalf of her client Darius Miles.

After a groundbreaking report from Ryan Phillips of the Tuscaloosa Patch revealed an alarming amount of inconsistencies between the testimony of the prosecution at an earlier bond hearing and the security footage from the area on the Strip where Jamea Harris was killed, attorneys for Miles have requested a new bond hearing.

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In the report, Phillips stated that video evidence suggested that Cedric Johnson, the boyfriend of the deceased Harris, fired the first shot after he drove Harris' Jeep behind Brandon Miller's Dodge Charger and cut the headlights off, suggesting that Michael Lynn Davis, Miles' co-defendant, may have been acting in self defense. It also shows that no one from Miles' party had intentionally blocked the Jeep in.

Video evidence from that evening also showed that Miles may have genuinely not known what was going on or how his friend came to be shot, something it was previously believed he was lying about when he told the police. There was much confusion in the moments leading up to the gunfire, including Miles trying to pull his girlfriend away from an un-related skirmish not far from the scene.

There has been no indication thus far as to whether the new hearing will be granted. Miles is represented by Mary Turner of the Turner Law Group.

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