The discussion of which university holds the moniker of "QBU" is hotly debated among college football fans and analysts alike each and every season. The heralded title is thrown around year-after-year, typically finding itself attached to one of a small group of schools.

Ask anyone around and you will likely hear one of a few programs mentioned: USC, Oklahoma or Auburn.

Wait. What?

Now you, much like myself, probably did a double take on that last sentence, seeing as one of those teams is not like the others; however, if you're Auburn Offensive Coordinator Austin Davis, you apparently think otherwise.

The Tigers picked up former Texas A&M QB Zach Calzada from the transfer portal this week, providing some much needed depth at the position, but upon congratulating the newest addition to his offense, Davis made a very bold claim about Auburn University.

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"Welcome to #QBU Zach"

Strange choice of words for the program that has managed just two first round picks at the position in its history of existence, neither of which found much success in the NFL past their rookie deals.

After being drafted 25th overall in the 2005 NFL Draft, Jason Campbell spent the first four years of his career in Washington where he managed to top 10,000 passing yards and throw 55 touchdowns to 38 interceptions. After moving on for a two-year stint with the Raiders where he was unable to replicate any of the success of his time in Washington, Campbell bounced around on a few more one year deals before ultimately calling it quits in 2015 after failing to sign with a team ahead of the NFL season.

More notable than Campbell was Cam Newton, who took the league by storm after being drafted first overall to the Panthers in 2011. In his first season, the Heiman winning quarterback threw for just over 4,000 yards, a mark he has never reached since, and took home rookie of the year honors. In 2015, Newton helped the Panthers to a 15-1 regular season record and made an appearance in Super Bowl 50 only to be beaten handily by Von Miller and the Broncos and have his most memorable play of the game come when he chose to not dive on a loose ball, giving up a crucial turnover.

Since then, Newton spent a couple more disappointing seasons with the Panthers before moving onto New England and ultimately returning to Carolina where he now competes with Sam Darnold and PJ Walker for playing time.

I'm not one to take anything away from Campbell and Newton who both managed to find a lot more success than most do in the NFL, but to call Auburn "QBU" is simply preposterous.

USC has produced three first round quarterbacks since 2000 and Oklahoma produced back-to-back first overall selections with Baker Mayfield and Kyler Murray, not to mention Sam Bradford in 2008. To even mention Auburn in the same sentence as USC or Oklahoma when it comes to developing quarterbacks is either sheer ignorance or blind confidence on the part of Austin Davis.

Hopefully for the Tigers' sake, Davis can get his head screwed on right come football season, but if this line of thinking is any indication of what's to come of the Auburn football program, Bama may have the Iron Bowl locked up for a while.

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