Since he joined Alabama in 2007, Alabama head football coach Nick Saban has turned Alabama into one of if not the most elite college football programs in the country.

As tremendous a story as Alabama's success has been on the field, maybe the more interesting story is away from the field.

Forbes magazine staff writer Monte Burke joined The Game on Monday to talk about why he was inspired to write his new book, "Saban: The Making of a Coach," which comes out on August 4th.

“I had to leave [a meeting with Saban] because he had a recruit call,” Burke told host Ryan Fowler. “I remember running out to my car and calling my editor and saying…it seemed apparent to me that this guy was getting this ship all turned in the same direction.”

One aspect of the book that Burke goes into detail about is Saban's relationship with his wife Terry and the impact she has had on him coming to Alabama. Burke explained that without Terry Saban cooking Mal Moore dinner, Nick might not have ever come to Alabama at all.

“He [Mal Moore] found this great ally [Terry Saban],” Burke said. “She had more influence on that then people realized and she had more influence on his career than people realized.”

When you talk to some people they feel like Saban is slowing down. Those people will say the stress and pressure of winning at the elite level he has in the past is getting to him. Burke feels that after writing his book on Saban, that Saban isn't slowing down at all.

“He is still recruiting as well - if not much better - than most people,” said Burke. “I don’t see him slowing down, I think it is just jealousy from other fan bases. “

You can listen to the full interview with The Game below.

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