Houston and Huber co-host Baron Huber has a perspective of the Alabama-Tennessee rivalry that very few can understand. Born in raised as a Vols fan in Knoxville, the former fullback accepted a scholarship offer to The University of Alabama after never receiving one from the hometown school and went on to win a national championship with the Crimson Tide.

That story led the CBS Sports Network to Huber earlier this week. When producers called Alabama looking for someone to discuss the rivalry with, the athletic department gave them his number.

On Thursday afternoon, Huber visited the CBS on SEC's bus for a television interview with New York.

Baron Huber Interview
Baron Huber and the bus driver catching up before the interview. (Ben George/Townsquare Media)


After a short conversation with people shooting the interview, Huber was sat down in the back of the bus, where a portable studio has been established for conversations like these. The producer put the IFB into his ear to establish communication with the host of 'This Week in the SEC', who was talking back from a studio in New York City.

Baron Interview
Huber talking with host in New York City from the back of the CBS bus in Tuscaloosa. (Ben George/Townsquare Media)


The 4-5 minute interview hit topics ranging from the rivalry to playing for Nick Saban to recruiting and airs on 'This Week in the SEC'. The weekly show previews the conference's games with an emphasis on network's game of the week on Saturday afternoons. You can watch the entire conversation on Friday night at 6:30pm CT on CBS Sports Network.

Baron Huber Behind the Camera
(Ben George/Townsquare Media)

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