Former Alabama All-American Barrett Jones joined The Game on Tuesday night to discuss Alabama's heartbreaking loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl.

"It was obviously a very tough weekend," Jones told host Ryan Fowler. "We did not play our best game I don't think. They (Auburn) made the plays when they needed to. It was a tough loss to swallow, but you've got to move on and try to get past it. That's what I've been doing and I'm sure thousands of Alabama fans are going to try to do the same thing."

Alabama fans have blamed every possible person and thing for the upset loss to Auburn, but Jones ruled out that the pressure to win the game was a factor.

"I just think that there has been that pressure all year and really the past three years we have had that pressure so I just don't think that was a huge factor. Like I said we obviously did some things that we don't normally do. I don't think it was a pressure issue. I just think the pressure is something we endure all the time. I am not sure what it was, but that would not be my first guess."

Barrett Jones won his last Iron Bowl 49-0 and seeing the Tigers knock off the top-ranked Crimson Tide came as sort of a surprise. But He had nothing but praise for Auburn and how they played.

"They played extremely well and they played hard. They never gave up in the game and there were times when they could have given up like when we were up by two touchdowns in the first half.

Jones is also impressed with what first-year Auburn head coach Guz Malzahn has accomplished.

"I think it is very impressive the way he got them up for that game after what happened the weekend before with Georgia. That was such an emotional win and to get those guys ready for the next week that is a really impressive feat. I would be really surprised if he doesn't win coach of the year because he has done a fantastic job down there."

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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