Bob Pockrass, NASCAR reporter for Fox Sports joined Ryan Fowler on The Game to discuss this weekend's race and the controversies that surrounded the event. You can tune into the entire interview on Soundcloud or on Youtube.

Pockrass discussed his initial reaction to the news that broke Sunday night when NASCAR declared a noose was found in Bubba Wallace's garage. The longtime NASCAR reporter said that he was glad the investigation was handled quickly and glad that the result of the investigation determined that the garage pull rope that was fashioned in the way of a noose had been in that area since at least October 2019.

Pockrass pointed out that the garage area was newly built and opened for the first time in October of 2019.

He declared the pre-race display on Monday as a, "great display of a 'we've got your back' moment for Bubba," and a, "moment that will live on."

Pockrass talked about combing through video footage of the area that he had shot last October when the fall race was postponed to Monday, he told Fowler that he found footage showing the garage pull down rope.

"I have a video of what looks like a noose in that garage, but in general you don't see ropes shaped like that and NASCAR said on Sunday night they went through the garage and didn't see garage pull down ropes in that shape. But you do see ropes and those types of things in the garage, but they're done to pull up and down a garage door or to hold something together. It's not rare to see, its not unusual to see a piece of rope being used for something but obviously you don't see it in that formation," Pockrass said.

Pockrass said he did not notice the garage pull down rope while he was there in 2019.

The Fox Sports reporter said a crew member from the 43 team found the rope and told the crew chief and the crew chief subsequently took a photo and cut it down.

Pockrass said Wallace found out about it from the president of NASCAR after the crew chief alerted NASCAR of the findings.

Pockrass said the next step for NASCAR is for the drivers to continue to stand behind one another and take action when it comes to advocating against racial inequality.

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