Alabama Crimson Tide's season opener against the Florida State Seminoles is only a few weeks away, and a coach familiar with both programs gave his insight of the September 2 match up.

Former Florida State head coach and Alabama native Bobby Bowden joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to talk about the anticipation for the upcoming game that has college football fans on the edge of their seats.

"It couldn't be a better matchup, they picked a pretty good year to get together when both teams are ranked so high," Bowden said. "It's the makings of a great game, and to be honest with you, a lot of people say 'why do you want to open up with somebody that tough' well you mine as well find out what you got. And the thing about it is if you lose you still have time to win a national championship."

Bowden also talked about critics ranking Nick Saban on a list of greatest college football coaches of all-time along with himself.

"You can sure put him in there with me, no doubt about it," Bowden said. "My teams won two national championships, but not five like he has. We just got to let him finish his career. When he finishes his career, he could be number one, he could be the best ever. I think right now, he's about number two. It's amazing what he's done, I think he's probably the number one college football coach today."

Bowden coached the Seminoles from 1976-2009 finishing with a career record of 377-129-4, with 12 wins vacated due to NCAA violations.

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