Brent Beaird, college football analyst for First Coast News joined Host of "Southern Fried Sports" Travis Reier Wednesday morning following the last game of the college football regular season for his weekly Tour de SEC.

"I think he will make some changes," Beaird discussed what adjustments Coach Nick Saban may have in store following a 10-2 regular season. "I think that he will go out and get an experienced defensive coordinator. I think that's eventually what he will end up doing."

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"Have they done enough this year?" Beaird discussed the Florida fans celebrating the Gators jumping the Crimson Tide in the polls after their 48-45 Iron Bowl loss with Reier. "By Mullen showing they can throw the ball around, and that they can score some points."

"They did some things defensively," Beaird continued. "Is that going to translate for them? The truth of the matter is, it really hadn't yet."

Listen to the dynamic duo discuss and evaluate multiple SEC schedules, as well as look ahead to the post-season in Reier and Beaird's entire Tour de SEC in the video above.

"If Joe Brady stays over there, " Beaird discussed who could take over as LSU's quarterback after Joe Burrow heads to the NFL Draft. "Don't you think you'd have a string of them lining up."

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