Boxer Floyd Mayweather had it his way on Saturday night. Not only did he improve his career record to 48-0, he got paid handsomely in the process.

The fighter might have earned close to $200 million by the time all of the television money is calculated, but he's already received a check for $100 million. Even with that kind of guaranteed money, the head of The Money Team couldn't turn down a little extra cheese.

If you watched the fight against Manny Pacquiao, there's no way you missed Mayweather's entourage, which included the Burger King mascot and Justin Bieber. As it turns out, Mayweather isn't some big fan of the Whopper.

Believe it or not, that's actually a pretty good value for the fast food chain. For around $1 million, the company got a minute on television while tens of millions of people were watching around the world. Plus, we're still talking about it two days later.

For Mayweather, the sponsorship represented about 0.5% of his earnings for the weekend, which means his Instagram account won't stop flaunting his money any time soon.

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