For the third consecutive season and the eight time in Nick Saban's 12 seasons, Alabama enters their contest against Tennessee undefeated.

The 7-0 Crimson Tide head to Knoxville Saturday for a 2:30 PM showdown that will be aired on CBS.

During his weekly visit with Martin Houston on The Blitz, DC examined various aspects .of the week ahead for Alabama football including the injury situation to Tua Tagovailoa

"I think Nick Saban kind of give us a hint of that. He said he (Tua) was better. He didn't say his knee was better. He said he (Tua) was better this week." DC said. "I think what he was talking about there, I think that after what happened in the game against Missouri, He felt what he felt. He sat there for a good long time. They worked with him in the tent a long time. After all of that, he came out of the tent with a lot more confidence and could have went back in."

Looking back at the 39-10 victory over Missouri, the Golden Shores Productions analyst detailed how Alabama learned some lessons from Arkansas' offense in their game plan against the Missouri Tigers.

"I think they exploited their defensive backs and their linebackers. I think Alabama used movement." DC said. "I love when the Alabama coaches learn from other teams, learn what Arkansas did against us, did a little movement on that play that hit Jerry Jeudy on the second touchdown. It was the movement on DeVonta Smith pre-snap that allowed Jerry Jeudy to get open." DC said.

After Tagovailoa left the game due to injury, Jalen Hurts completed six of seven passes for 104 yards. DC noted how the play calling changed over the course of the Missouri game.

"I think in that game, the idea and the scheme when Jalen came in was, 'Hey, we're going to run the ball, we're going to take some time off the clock,' and that's why they were in those schemes." DC said]

Over the course of the season, DC doesn't see the overall offensive approach changing if Hurts had to make an emergency start at quarterback.

"If Jalen had to start a game and if the game were 0-0 going in, I think the playbook's more open for Jalen this year than it would have been in past years because he's definitely improved his down field passing and his selection and who to throw the ball to." DC said.

The Golden Shores Productions analyst also offered his thoughts on Alabama's performance on defense against Missouri, his players of the game from last Saturday, how Tennessee fares against Alabama off a huge SEC road win at Auburn and the overall state of college football.

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