Knowing your hand and footprints will soon be at Denny Chimes is a big deal for any Alabama football player. It may be an even bigger deal for the king of 'LANK' [Let All Naysayers Know], quarterback Jalen Milroe. He's proven a ton of people wrong regarding his ability to take a team to an SEC title and the Playoff.

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“I take a lot of pride in that,” Milroe said during a Tuesday media availability. “I’m very appreciative to be seen as that. But with anything, I try to play for my brothers in the locker room and I try to play for these coaches and I try to play for the A, and I try to do it as best as I can.

“So it’s a true honor to have all those accolades, but with everything now, I just have to take it another step and really just be the best version of myself every single day coming into the facility.”

Milroe mentioned playing for his locker room brothers, and the same holds true for his quarterback room brothers. He's a got a new one in five-star early enrollee Julian Sayin of California, who is practicing with the team along with 15 other early enrollees who will sign Wednesday.

“With him, he spins the ball really well,” Milroe said of Sayin. “It’s been really good to have him in the room, to have another guy in the room. With everything, just appreciative to have another brother in the room. He’s doing a really good job practicing.

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“For me, I’ve been in his shoes, being a freshman coming into college [as an early enrollee]. All I can try to do is give him the information that I’ve gotten and really allow him to be a sponge with all the information that I have and just be a good teammate for him.”

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