Cecil Hurt, of The Tuscaloosa News, joined Host of "Southern Fried Sports" Travis Reier Tuesday morning to discuss college football tickets sales, how smartphones may be affecting fan attendance, and some of the reactions around Nick Saban's comments from SEC Media Days.

"Since the selling tickets situation has come up do you think would sell some tickets," Hurt asked Reier. "If Alabama's conference schedule included LSU, Auburn, Texas A&M, Georgia, Florida, and Missouri?"

Hurt attacked the conversation about smartphones affecting fan attendance by adding.

"I understand Florida plays Florida State, but sooner or later people are going to complain," Hurt told Reier. "Coaches are going to get up and complain that if kids are paying too much attention to their smartphones, then give them better games. Maybe they'll pay less attention."

Click on the video above to listen to the full conversation between Reier and Hurt as they discuss smartphones affecting fan attendance, college football ticket sales, and hear Hurt's reaction to some writers who have been skeptical of Saban's comments from SEC Media Days.

"If you're a writer, if you're a journalist why do you care?" Hurt asked Reier. "What possible interest could you have in Nick Saban saying 'boy Clemson, they are a really good team'. Instead of actually talking about the issues that concern his team. Who thinks that way?"

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