From the end of Coach Bryant's tenure at Alabama to Saban's run of excellence since 2007, one man has seen almost four decades of college football history in Tuscaloosa.

Cedric Burns is Alabama football's athletics relations coordinator and serves as a personal assistant for head coach Nick Saban.

During Tuesday's edition of Inside the Locker Room, Burns reflected on life behind the crimson and white curtain including what he tells people that want him to compare Paul Bryant and Nick Saban.

"You can't compare coaches. Coach Bryant was a man of his time. Times were different. Kids were different. People were different, and Coach Saban is a man of his time when times are different. People are different. Kids are different. Coach Bryant had his way of communicating with the kids in his day and time and now you have Coach Saban, he has his way of communicating with kids. That was just two different times. I was just fortunate enough to work with two great football coaches." Burns said.

In the midst of a busy football season, reporters will notice Burns placing a water bottle on the podium to indicate that Saban's press conference is set to begin. Although Alabama's head football coach has come under fire over the years for how he handles the media, Burns thinks Saban does a good job with in his media related responsibilities.

"Coach (Saban) pretty much handles the media the way he handles it. He does a good job with the media. The media is part of sports, and people have questions. He don't rave. He just reacts to whatever the question is and he does a good job with the media. He really does." Burns said.

In the video link above, find out about the importance of trust with Burns and the coaches along with stories involving Terry Saban, Gene Stallings and Wimp Sanderson.

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